About Us

Welcome to Fast Break! The newest addition to the rideshare community and your number one source for all things being delivered. Fast Break is dedicated to picking up your purchases and delivering them straight to you, giving you the very best of service with the focus of dependability, great customer service and promptness.

From shoes or dry-cleaning to video games and electronics, Fast Break will pick up just about anything and deliver it to you on the same day.

Founded in 2018, Ronald Cottrell started this business in his home office in Clifton Heights, PA. Ronald has worked in and seen nearly every aspect of the Ecommerce industry. Where many of the day to day issues of these businesses came from handling shipping, Ronald wanted to create a way where nearly any item can be delivered to your front steps. Fast Break was designed specifically for the customer to get exactly what they need in a timely fashion. This concept also helps many businesses move their products off the shelves and directly to their customers. We now serve customers in the United States and Canada.